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The Ultimate Patient Acquisition & Patient Management Solution

At TreatmentFi™, we use technology to revolutionize the way patients and their families pay for treatment – making it affordable for everyone.

Current financing tools fail to meet the needs of Americans today. We believe Americans deserve better.


69% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings


of Americans could not cover an emergency of $400


of bank loan applicants are denied

138 Million

are underserved by traditional financing

kristen bashaw director of trainingDear Friend in Private Practice,

When it comes to working with patients – YOU, the hearing health care provider, have the tremendous responsibly of helping to restore hearing and improve cognitive function for each of your patients. This is no easy task!

TreatmentFi™ is here to make your job easier. Designed by private practice owners and hearing health care providers across the country, TreatmentFi™ offers your patients the most affordable solution to treating their hearing loss. Period. This financial program is helping more of the 42 million people with untreated hearing loss say YES to treatment on day 1.

The TreatmentFi™ program is unlike any other financial program available to private practice owners – not only does it make treatment more affordable for your patients on day 1, but it also protects the revenue integrity and future of your practice. Yes, for the first time, there is actually a bank that has YOU and THE PATIENT in mind.

The TreatmentFi™ advantage is to offer you and your team the full suite of tools and resources needed to effectively implement this financial program in your office now! We too have been disappointed when patients go without treatment, or under-treat their hearing loss due to financial worries. In fact, when surveyed, patients overwhelmingly cite ‘cost’ as their reason for not moving forward with their providers recommendation.

At TreatmentFi™ we use technology to revolutionize the way patients and their families pay for treatment, making it affordable for everyone. And, at TreatmentFi™ we proudly stand by your side, ready to help you, ready to help more patients.

Kimberly Bashaw, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA

Director of Training
Fellow, American Academy of Audiology
Doctor of Audiology

P.S. The fastest way to grow your practice and help more patients is to send us a message and schedule a call with us so we can walk you through the process and get your team scheduled with a FREE on-site training!

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