About TreatmentFi™

TreatmentFi™ was designed by practice owners, for practice owners – in partnership with Allegro Credit, the industry’s leading financial provider helping more patients say YES to treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus and associated cognitive needs.

This revolutionary ‘subscription’ based program is built upon the core values of providing Simple financing for all those patients in need, Honest lending practices, and Support for your team over the phone and in person when you need it. For over 50 years, TreatmentFi™ has provided more patient financing for people living with hearing loss than any other financial institution.

TreatmentFi™ provides each clinic the tools, resources and support that it needs to increase the number of patients emphatically saying YES to treatment on day 1 in your office.

TreatmentFi™ Core Values




 Kimberly Bashaw, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA

Our Director of Training, Dr. Kimberly Bashaw, was one of the original architects and users of TreatmentFi™.  She brings her passion for treating more patients to TreatmentFi™ and is always there for each of her clients who need help getting more patients started on their journey towards treating hearing loss, tinnitus and associated cognitive needs.

To contact Dr. Bashaw, click here.