Marketing Systems

TreatmentFi™ is dedicated to your success, which is why we will provide you with all the tools you need to help provide more patients with Simplified Patient Financing™.

TreatmentFi™ accounts have access to the following marketing and resources to ensure a successful transition from traditional financing to a subscription model, including:

FREE On-Site Trainings (And CEUs!)

Our Director of Client Relations, Dr. Clarice Myers, will come to you and work with your entire team, from phones to providers, to help your team successfully transition to subscription-based financing. Dr. Myers is a student of both audiology and finance, and brings to your team the knowledge needed to help more patients afford the treatment of their hearing loss.

Dr. Myers has developed proven materials to help your phones team answer the dreaded question of ‘how much will it cost?’. She has also worked with countless providers, both AuDs and HIS, to help them communicate the advantages of enrolling in the TreatmentFi™ versus paying in full and/or traditional (interest-bearing) financing.

Contact Dr. Myers today to get your clinic enrolled and scheduled for a FREE on-site CEU-approved training.

TreatmentFi™ Education Packet for Your Patients

TreatmentFi™ believes that ‘The Best Patient is the Educated Patient.’

We can provide your clinic with the education materials it needs to help patients understand the TreatmentFi™ program before they ever walk through your door. Let’s be honest – the worst part of being a hearing health care provider is having to deal with the inevitable ‘money’ discussion. The TreatmentFi™ Education Packet is designed to educate your patients on the significant advantages of utilizing TreatmentFi™ to treat their hearing loss, tinnitus and associated cognitive needs.

In-Office TreatmentFi™ Brochures

Your patients have questions, and you’ve got answers! We thoughtfully designed and patient-tested our TreatmentFi™ brochure for it to have maximum impact with helping your patients decide to use TreatmentFi™ when paying for the treatment of their hearing loss, tinnitus and associated cognitive needs. Inside the quad-fold brochure are the most common patient FAQs, details of exactly what is included with the cost of treatment and how TreatmentFi™ provides significant benefits over paying in full and/or traditional interest-bearing financing. These brochures are an excellent resource to have displayed in your front office, treatment rooms, and for patients to take home to their loved ones to explain the TreatmentFi™ process. They are even a great ‘reminder’ guide for office staff to help answer patient questions about the TreatmentFi™ program!

TreatmentFi Newsletter and Monthly Meetings

TreatmentFi™ is in this with you. We will continue to educate and nurture your team by providing on-going support – both in digital form and in person! We believe in building strong relationships with every client – because every practice we help, in turn helps more patients!

You will receive our Treatment Times™ monthly newsletter to help keep you up to date on all the available tools and resources provided by TreatmentFi™ to provide to your team (i.e. dates and times for the monthly TreatmentFi™ Providers Meeting and TreatmentFi™ Phones Meeting to provide additional training).

TreatmentFi™ FAQs, Technology Guide and More!

You’ve got more questions, and we have more answers! We understand that change is not always the easiest to implement – some of our clients have been doing it ‘the same way’ for 40+ years, but have come to understand the benefits of implementing the TreatmentFi ‘subscription’ program in their practice. Working through the original beta-test of TreatmentFi™ clinics across the country, we learned a lot and were asked a lot of questions. Thus, we have thoughtfully put together a FAQ packet for your entire team. This FAQ packet covers everything from ‘how quickly will my practice be paid?’ (FYI – TreatmentFi™ always pays your practice, in full, within 48 hours!) to ‘what happens to the technology when the patient upgrades at 48 months?’.

TreatmentFi™ is available to all practices using all makes and levels of technology. We understand the financial dynamics of different communities; thus, we provide different TreatmentFi™ plans to meet all of your patients’ financial needs.

Our simple TreatmentFi™ technology guide will help your team understand how each manufacturer and their respective levels of technology fits within each of the TreatmentFi™ different offerings.