Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“TreatmentFi has allowed our patients the ability to afford premium treatment without a large sum upfront. They enjoy the all-inclusiveness of the plan and they love knowing that we are here for them at any point, without having to pay a fee for service. Patients who would normally sacrifice the treatment they needed due to cost are getting the best treatment for their hearing loss.”


– Tracy F. Worchester, MA

“I would like to let you know how much I appreciate all your guidance and help over the last six months as we implemented TreatmentFi in our practice. While the subscription financing option was new and a bit scary you made the transition smooth. We have loved giving our patients another financing option and it has allowed us to treat more patients with technology that truly does make a difference in their lives. Each day we have the opportunity to change the lives of our patients and we no longer have to provide low end technology as the only option for some of our patients. Now ALL our patients can get the best neurotechnology.”


– Dr. Day, Phoenix, AZ

“I feel TreatmentFi is an asset to any company. When you know you have patients that are going to be wearing hearing devices for the rest of their lives, the TreatmentFi program is the right choice for them. I have found several patients that could not afford to pay out thousand’s of dollars up front for their hearing devices and the TreatmentFi was affordable for them and they like what the program has to offer.”


– Valorea G. Cedar City, UT

“I find myself more confident and comfortable with introducing treatment with TxFi. I feel it has been a game changer for all of us. The rubric has also helped me to make sure I am hitting all the important parts. I am still working on getting the rubric down but it is starting to come more natural. I love the text thread and feeding off all the positive energy. I love doing what I do and I am looking forward to September. “


– Trista R. Richfield, UT

“TreatmentFi(TM) was a huge break through for us. Once we did our first two patients we really understood how beneficial this is to our patients and really not much different to our regular process. Huge Breakthrough!”


– Bill F. Folsom, CA

“The hardest part of my job has always been motivating patients to spend the money necessary to properly treat their hearing loss. Thankfully, implementing TreatmentFi has created a paradigm shift within our practice. Dr. Clarice Myers did an outstanding job of explaining how the program works to our team and training us on how to implement it!”


– Kurt M. Mesquite, NV

“One of the many things I like about TreatmentFi is there’s less moving parts because everything is all-inclusive for the patient. It’s one monthly payment for them and they are not nickeled and dimed during visits and service repairs.”


– Sarah C. Canton OH

“Offering a convenient, all-inclusive payment plan is beneficial both for myself and my patients. The people at TreatmentFi have a very throught out system and it’s nice to have support behind the scenes!”


– Peter L. San Luis, CA