Why TreatmentFi™

TreatmentFi™ is the leading financial solution to help more patients treat their hearing loss and/or tinnitus at the most affordable price.

The TreatmentFi™ subscription program enables private practices in hearing health care to provide the highest level of service, while still maintaining price and revenue integrity. TreatmentFi™ simplifies the financial process for your practice and your patients.

Because no two patients are alike, TreatmentFi™ allows you to design an individualized treatment plan for each patient. In addition, because your patients’ hearing loss and cognitive needs change over time, TreatmentFi™ always ensures that your patients are covered by providing FREE technology upgrades every 48 months (or sooner – if needed!).

TreatmentFi™ subscription will simplify your financial process, help more patients say YES on day 1, all while increasing patient loyalty and retention with treatment technology upgrades every 48 months.

Benefits of TreatmentFi™ Membership for Your Practice:

  • TreatmentFi™ is a revolutionary subscription program that allows your practice to generate the revenue it needs, while offering your patients a solution to the high cost of hearing health care.
  • Treatment Fi™ provides your patients with new technology every 48 months (or sooner) to meet their changing hearing loss and cognitive needs, AND your practice is paid, IN FULL, each time the subscription is renewed. (Imagine a day when you and your providers never have to struggle to get a patient to upgrade their hearing technology every 4 years!
  • TreatmentFi™ provides your practice with the highest ASP in the entire hearing health care industry (nearly $2,000 more than the industry average of $4,700 per pair).
  • TreatmentFi™ insures the future of your practice. With TreatmentFi™ you can accurately predict your revenue four years from today.

Example: A TreatmentFi™ practice in Southern Utah generated $2,000,000 in TreatmentFi™ revenue in Q1 2019. This practice is now estimating nearly $2,000,000 in revenue in Q1 2023. (*This revenue does not include adding any new patients to the practice in Q1 2023.)

More Benefits of TreatmentFi™ Membership for Your Practice:

TreatmentFi™ understands that no two patients are alike, thus we designed simple plans to treat each of your different patients. The goal is to ensure that no matter what treatment you provide, that your team is compensated for its full efforts. This is why TreatmentFi™ offers the highest available payout to your practice and protects your revenue integrity. Your practice can expect to be fully funded within 48 hours of the patient beginning treatment.

  • Treatment A (premium technology) will fund your practice at $6,628.28.
  • Treatment B (mid technology) will fund your practice at $5,871.26.
  • Treatment C (entry technology) will fund your practice at $5,113.63.

Benefits of TreatmentFi™ Membership for Your Patients:

  • To always provide the best available treatment for hearing loss and correlated cognitive needs.
  • To reduce the financial barriers keeping patients from investing in the medical treatment of their hearing loss.
  • To provide a hassle-free, worry-free, all-inclusive hearing loss treatment plan to all patients.

More Benefits of TreatmentFi™ Membership for Your Patients:

Upgrade Treatment Program: Automatic, NO-COST, upgrade to new treatment technology every 4 years (*upgrades can be made earlier if required).

Included Services: TreatmentFiTM recommends participating clinics include regular ‘clean and check’ visits, technology programming and supplies (batteries, cleaning supplies, etc.).

Worry-Free Warranty:

  • To be in line with the timing of the program, TreatmentFiTM recommends the clinic obtain a 4/4 warranty for all patients using this finance program (*many manufacturers will offer discounted 4/4 warranties due to guarantee of upgraded technology in 48 months).
  • No-Cost Repairs: No out-of-pocket expenses to the patient for repairs needed to the technology.
  • Replacement coverage includes a one-time replacement of lost technology. Your patient will directly pay to your office the stated replacement fee to receive the new technology.

At the end of 48 months, ‘retired’ technology can be donated to a foundation to provide hearing health care for the less fortunate.

TreatmentFi™ Membership for Patients:

TreatmentFi™ offers your patients fixed low-monthly payments to help them manage the costs of treating their hearing loss. Below are the plans offered via TreatmentFi™ to your patients:

  • Treatment A (premium technology) cost is $175 per month.
  • Treatment B (intermediate technology) cost is $155 per month.
  • Treatment C (entry technology) cost is $135 per month.
  • Custom – to meet the needs of your practice and patients (i.e. unilateral treatment, insurance benefits, etc.).

The revolutionary TreatmentFi™ program is breaking down barriers between patients and providers by eliminating the high upfront cost of hearing health care. Providers in hearing health care want to help more people, yet traditional financing, or paying out of pocket can place a roadblock between providers and their patients. TreatmentFi™ understands American economics and offers patients access to a low-cost monthly treatment program, with no hidden charges and no fine print, while allowing health care providers to only worry about what matters most – the patient.