You Want To Provide An Affordable Solution For MORE Patients

There are nearly 42 million people living with untreated hearing loss. When you include the number of people who are living with undertreated hearing loss, that number grows even more! This simply means that there is NO SHORTAGE OF PATIENTS IN YOUR COMMUNITY THAT NEED YOUR HELP.

TreatmentFi™ was developed to answer the question that nearly every private practice owner asks: ‘How do we treat more patients?’. Followed closely by ‘How do I get more patients to upgrade their treatment technology every 3-4 years, without fail?’

At TreatmentFi™, we have the answer to both of these questions: by providing an affordable SUBSCRIPTION-based financial program to your patients.

TreatmentFi™ has one goal: to help more practices help more patients. It is really that simple. When you get a new patient in your practice, or a current patient with outdated treatment technology, you want to be able to offer them the very best in hearing health care at the most affordable cost. No provider wants large out-of-pocket expenses or interest-bearing financing to get in the way of treatment – and neither do we!

TreatmentFi™ provides options to practices and patients to make sure we can get every patient approved for our subscription-based financial program. We have lowered the cost of entry for the patient and we have lowered the criteria for credit score so that even more patients can be eligible.