You Want To Provide Great Care For Your Patients

TreatmentFi™ works with hearing health care providers who have the same vision – to be the expert in their community who helps the most patients! When you provide exceptional hearing healthcare at an affordable price this message resonates to everybody in your community, including physicians in your area.

TreatmentFi™ is different than any other financial program available to patients and to practices across the country. For starters, the program was developed by private practice owners, for private practice owners. With TreatmentFi™ you help to make treatment more affordable for all the people in your community living with untreated, or undertreated, hearing loss.

This ‘subscription’ plan is the most inclusive program available to patients; as it alleviates the pressures of high, upfront, out-of-pocket costs of treatment. It also includes all the services that your patients need to assure that they receive the very best care. Your patients will never have to worry again about being nickel-and-dimed at your practice.

With TreatmentFi™ your team can do what it does best – help restore hearing clarity and improve cognitive function for your patients. And neither the patient, nor the practice, needs to worry about money getting in the way!