You Want To Secure Your Revenue with a Subscription Plan

‘The one certainty in life is uncertainty’ ~Every Private Practice Owner!

At TreatmentFi™ we take the guessing out of planning for the future of your practice.

TreatmentFi™ believes that disruption is simply a catalyst for change. Hearing health care is not immune to change and is possibly going through its biggest change yet – dealing with OTC hearing aids and the influence of managed care and manufacturers. TreatmentFi™ helps your practice put the focus back on YOU and YOUR SERVICE, not on the product.

With a subscription-based lease program, your patients will benefit from the services you provide without worrying about exorbitant out-of-pocket prices and the fine print of traditional financing. TreatmentFi™ has no fine print. We believe in simple, honest and fair financial solutions for each patient.

TreatmentFi™ offers your patients a lifetime, worry-free program that will see each patient through the ‘patient-cycle’ as their hearing loss and cognitive needs change and technology improves. The TreatmentFi™ program allows each of your patients to upgrade their technology every 48 months (or sooner, if needed) without any additional out-of-pocket expenses.

Imagine a day when you never have to ask another current patient if they can afford to upgrade their treatment technology because their hearing has changed and / or the technology has improved? Well, that day is here and now. Register your practice today to become a member of the TreatmentFi™ family.

Regardless of practice size, every TreatmentFi™ member has the same goal in mind: to be the best in their community, to provide the highest level of hearing health care, and to weather the storm of coming disruptions. TreatmentFi™ offers the security your practice needs today and in the future.